Goodeng International GS4000-LS

New Model

Rig Weight57,500kg

Walking Speed4.5km/h

Dimension(L×W×H mm)17700×2500×3460

Max push & Pull force3645kN/4800kN

Max push & Pull speed45m/min

Max torque140,000Nm

Entry Drill Angle9-16°

Max. Drilling Length3000m

Max Aperture DiameterФ2000mm

Permitted working Temperature20~45 ℃

Permitted environment humidity>90%

Drill pipe diameter5", 5-1/2", 6-5/8"

Max. length of drill pipe9.6m

Permitted working altitude0-3000m

Max. clamping force of pipe jaw2550KN

Max. unscrewing force of pipe jaw370,000Nm

Max. working pressure set in system35

Max. mud flowing volume2000 L/min

Driving head max. rotation speed92 rpm

Main spindle floating distance100mm

Max. mud pressure12 Mpa

Mud pump channel diameter3"


 Engine  Commins
 Push & Pull motor  German Rexroth
 Mud Pump  - 
 Push & Pull motor  German Rexroth
 Hydraulic Motor  German Rexroth
 Walking Motor  KoreaDesung/Other