Goodeng International GD320D-LS

1. Equipped with Dongfengcummins C205 engine, large power, stable performance, lower fuel consumption, lower noise, more suitable working in urban area.
2. Driving head rotation adopts cycloid motor from Eaton , with large torsion, stable performance, and two stall stepless speed regulation.
3. Driving head adopts cycloid motor from Eaton and integrated push&pull reducer from German Dermayr .Push&pull has three-stall speed optional , it’s rapid construction leads far ahead in counter competitors.
4. Ergonomic rotatable worktable,high quality seat forward/backward moveable with wider view range, comfortable and convenient operation.
5. Europe-American style surface, streamline sculpt and elegant appearance fully embody humanist designing idea.
6. The cover shell adopts overall backflip and air-spring assisted opening mechanism, with large open space and very convenient maintenance.
7. Walking system adopts imported first-class hydraulic walking driving equipment with wire-control, convenient and fast loading, unloading as well as construction site transition.
8. Both push&pull and rotation hydraulic system in driving head adopt advanced series/parallel connection control technique and imported international first-class hydraulic elements, independent radiation system, highly efficient productivity, reliable performance and energy saving.
9. Simple electric circuit design, low failure rate , convenient maintenance.
10. Equipped with φ73×3000mm drill rods,moderate machine size adapts to narrow and small working area and  high efficient construction as well.

Engine Power153kW

Rig Weight10,500kg

Walking Speed3.5-6km/h

Dimension(L×W×H mm)7300×2150×2250

Push & Pull capacity325/637kN

Max psuh & Pull speed40m/min

Max torque12,600Nm

Max Mud Pump Flow320L/min

Mud Pump Max Pressure8MPa

Entry Drill Angle12-20°

Max Rotation Speed136r/min

Max. Drilling Length500m

Max Aperture DiameterФ1100mm

Max. Climbing Gradient18°


 Engine  Commins
 Push & Pull motor  American Eaton
 Mud Pump  Leika/zhongdi/zhongtan
 Push & Pull motor  American Eaton
 Hydraulic Motor  Jinan Military
 Walking Motor  Korea Desung / Other