Goodeng International GD900-LS

1. Open hydraulic system, large flow, the fouling resistance is good, high reliability, long service life.
2. Korea Desung 14TM motor drives walking, with very strong climbing ability, the walking speed can reach to 6km/h, Short turnarounds without loading to truck.
3. Much lower clamp centricity, not only can effectively protect the drill pipe, and the construction covers an area of less, before and rear clamp can be separated
4. Main shaft floating, which is beneficial to protect the drill pipe thread.
5. The luffing mechanism of the four connecting rod: get big Angle (0 ° ~ 20 °), low center of gravity, high stability;
6. Wire control proportional walking system ensures safety during traveling.
7. All open manipulator: flip Angle, without manual unloading rod, pipe can automatic slide, save manpower.
8. Smart program control system, comfortable manipulation, stable performance and good expansibility.
9. Push and pull, rotate modular combination, meet customers’ different requirements;
10. Equipped with automatic thread oil machine, save and fast.

Engine Power239kW

Rig Weight20,000kg

Walking Speed3-5km/h

Dimension(L×W×H mm)10600×2260×2550

Max push & Pull force910/1360kN

Max push & Pull speed55m/min

Max torque33,000Nm

Max Mud Pump Flow750L/min

Mud Pump Max Pressure10MPa

Entry Drill Angle11-20°

Max Rotation Speed110r/min

Max. Drilling Length900m

Max Aperture DiameterФ1500mm

Max. Climbing Gradient18°


 Engine Commins 
 Push & Pull motor  German Rexroth
 Mud Pump  Leike/zhongdi/Zhongtan
 Push & Pull motor  German Rexroth
 Hydraulic Motor  German Rexroth
 Walking Motor KoreaDesung/Miaoyifu/other