Goodeng International GD2400-LS

1. Hydraulic system: push-pull rotation walking adopts closed-circuit system, electro-hydraulic proportional control.
2. Equipped with two diesel engines, one or two engines working is realized to meet different conditions, and thus saving energy. If one set hydraulic system or one of the twin engines breaks down, the other one can still be operated normally (same force. Lower speed), greatly improve construction safety.
3. Front and back clamping can be separated, clamping floated in whole process.
4. Floating spindle is in favor of protecting drill pipe thread.
5. Floating girder is easy to loading, unloading, climbing and transportation, convenient for adjusting entry angle, which can effectively protect clamps.
6. Proportional wire control walking system ensures man and rig safety in the process of walking, loading and uploading.
7. Electrical control handle, simple electric circuit, safe, reliable, high sensitivity.
8. Spacious operation cab is with adjusted seat, more human, more comfortable.
9. To enhance the executing mechanismability , hydraulic system is designed in conformity to large flow and high pressure. Our self-designed inserting control valve group reacts fast and reduces 50% pressure loss in hydraulic system.
10. Self-designed and developed,combined electronic controlling system realizes its adaptive control to different working condition and different geologic strata,improving the efficiency of construction 30%.System is configured with both auto-operation and man-operation. Auto-operation could timely adjust the running parameter according to the strata situation and automatically adjust the rig for rig protection.
11. Liquid crystal system man and rig exchange can monitor rig condition any time, which can adjust rig work, alarm parameter, making operation simpler and more comfortable.
12. Rational and effective washing and cooling system ensures safety, reliability and efficiency of system, and extends motor using life, avoiding motor damages.

Engine Power2x194kW

Rig Weight45,000kg

Walking Speed4km/h

Dimension(L×W×H mm)16600×2950×3400

Max push & Pull force2460kN

Max push & Pull speed34m/min

Max torque83,000Nm

Entry Drill Angle9-16°

Max Rotation Speed80r/min

Max. Drilling Length2000m

Max Aperture DiameterФ2000mm

Max. Climbing Gradient18°


Engine  Commins 
Push & Pull motor  German Rexroth/  Italy Sam
Mud Pump  Leike/zhongdi/Zhongtan
Push & Pull motor  German Rexroth /  Italy Sam
Hydraulic Motor  American Sauer
Walking Motor  KoreaDesung / Miaoyifu/ Other